Hello MBA families,

The entire MBA staff was so excited to welcome our amazing MBA students to our school building in September. Being in person and seeing our students made our hearts happy. This 2021-2022 school year is going to be the best yet!

I know that sending your student to in person learning this year may have caused some anxiety however I want to ease some of that stress. 100% of MBA staff is vaccinated and all of our staff and students are wearing masks throughout the day. Wearing the masks was an adjustment at first but both teachers and students stepped up and we are keeping MBA a healthy and safe place. We have also started our PSAL Program with our Fall Sports, Volleyball, Bowling and Tennis, in full swing. Students must show proof of vaccination to play PSAL sports. We also have clubs such as the Dance Club, the Business Club and the Chemistry Club as well as the National Honor Society for students.

Parents of 9th grade students, MBA has amazing partnerships with outside organizations that support students socially and academically. First is with the Hudson Community Sailing Program where students learn to build boats and learn to sail all four years of high school. This program will provide you with honors Math and Science credits and will open up many internship opportunities for students. Second, we have two amazing academic programs; Minds Matter and SEO. These programs are eligible to students with an 85 or higher GPA. Students need to apply to the program and be accepted and then it is a four year program that provides students with college access and opportunities to summer programs for free.

At MBA, we value our Advisory program. Every parent should have received a phone call from their child’s advisor by now. If not, the system may have provided us with the wrong phone number. Please email me at kpolson@mbanyc.org if you have not yet received a phone call from your child’s advisor. You can also email me with any other concerns, questions or ideas.

ELA - Hello, My name is Mr. Cuttler and I am your child's ELA teacher. In 9th grade English students will, through close reading of a broad and challenging range of texts, develop their ability to analyze important and contemporary written works strategically. Students will develop both their informal and academic voice by writing daily and in many different modes. Our next book is the winner of the National Book Award in 2007, The Absolutely True Diary of a Part Time Indian by Sherman Alexie.

Global History - Hi, this is Mr. Wayne and I am your child's 9th Grade Global History teacher. This is my 7th year at MBA, and 10th year teaching overall. My class focuses on teaching students about the world around them, and discussing and debating the issues taking place both in the past and today. This first quarter we will focus on the earliest humans in history and how they built up their society.

Earth Science - Hi, my name is Ms. Policastro. This is my 12th year teaching and my 5th year here at MBA. This Quarter (Q1) in Earth Science, students will investigate skills related to reading and interpreting maps, including topographic maps which show the shape of the land. Additionally, students will observe a variety of mineral and rock types that compose the bedrock and surface of NYC, and how this influences the type of structures that can be built within our city.

Algebra - Hello, my name is Ms. Siegel and I am your child's Algebra I teacher this year. This is my 9th year teaching in NYC and 3rd year teaching at MBA. Algebra I is designed to give students a foundation for all future mathematics courses. Throughout the year, students in this course will be given real-world application tasks that address issues of social justice in relation to ourselves, our communities, and the world around us. In this quarter, students will learn about equality in both a mathematical and real-world sense. Students will investigate equality in relation to solving multi-step equations and inequalities and by investigating common inequalities we see in the world around us. In addition, students will learn about patterns, relationships, and functions, by taking a look at climate change data, state spending, and income inequality.

Computer Literacy - Hi, my name is Ms. Horowitz. This is my first year at MBA, and I am your child's Computer Literacy Teacher. My class focuses on teaching students the computer skills they need to be successful in business. Students will become proficient in Microsoft Office, Excel, and PowerPoint, and will learn how to use these applications in the workplace. The students will start the year off by learning Microsoft Word and will create resumes and cover letters.

Visual Arts - Hello, my name is Mr. Diaz and this is my 8th year teaching and 3rd year at MBA. In this quarter, students will learn how to use descriptive language to better interpret art pieces and be more thorough in their analyses. Students will also learn about the Elements of Art which are the foundation to creating any art piece. Then, students will learn various drawing and shading techniques through the use of charcoal pencils. Finally, students will learn about color relationships and the psychology behind color usage.

Physical Education - Hello, welcome to MBA Physical Education! Mr. Clooney and Mr. Murray are the co-teachers. For the first quarter, PE will take place in the fitness room and spin room. In these two rooms, there is a wide variety of fitness equipment and machines that the students will have access to. They will learn the many health benefits of each machine while using them in a safe manner. The first unit of the year will revolve around fitness. Please be sure your child comes to class prepared on the days they have Physical Education.

ELA - My name is Ms. Basic and this is my 7th year as the 10th grade ELA teacher here at MBA! Students will begin this school year by focusing on identity and the different components of identity. They will read multiple narratives displaying different perspectives of identity and recognizing how one’s name is an important part of their own identity. Students will also draft a writing piece about what their name means to them and how a name connects to culture and language.

Living Environment - Students will start with learning how experiments are developed and designed to get the strongest data possible. They will then move into crafting their own experiments and drawing conclusions before submitting work to be assessed by their peers. After the basis of scientific inquiry is clear, we start our exploration by moving into cells and learning how our daily interactions with our environment, and food can affect our body on the smallest, microscopic level.

Entrepreneurship - Hello Welcome Back to MBA !!! My name is Kenrick Small and this is my 20th year in education. I have over 25 years of experience in Business primarily Real Estate , nonprofits , investing and fundraising. Student in Entrepreneurship will learn how to create a Business plan and how businesses are created. Students will conduct research on corporations and some of the challenges they face. Students will engaged in a Shark Tank competition sponsored by the school and our corporate partners. Students who create the best Business idea will win cash prizes for Best Business idea.

Spanish - ¡Bienvenidos a la clase de español! My name is Señor C., and I will be teaching your children Spanish (or helping them hone their Spanish skills for students who are native speakers.). In Spanish class, we are currently talking about the Spanish alphabet, differences in accents and pronuniation in certain Spanish speaking countries, and the gender of words (el señor, la señora) in the Spanish language.

Geometry - Hello MBA Family! My name is Ms. Sawney and I am the 10th grade geometry teacher. I have been a teacher here at MBA for 4 years and I've been teaching within the DOE for a total of 6 years. I am excited to get this year off to a great start and looking forward to exploring and discovering all that your child/ student offers to our classroom environment. While the math content is SUPER important I also strive to build genuine connections with all my students. This year in geometry we will use a compass to perform constructions, write geometric proofs, find the volume of figures, and engage with coordinate geometry. In addition students will learn how they too can be future gamechangers in the STEM field.

ELA - I'm Mr. Waelter. In ELA we will be focusing on short stories.. Our focus will be on understanding the mechanics of writing and the interpretation of texts. All of these components and the work involved will prepare students for the ELA Regent and college.

US History - Welcome back everyone! My name is Richard Hull; this is my 10th year teaching U.S. History and Government at MBA. During Quarter 1, students will explore the roots of American history – indigenous peoples, European colonization, slavery, the American Revolution and the Constitution. Students will engage with this material through a lens of current events and activities such as role-playing debates, gallery walks and creative writing. Chemistry - We are Mr. Miraj and Ms. Padover. In our class students will discover some wonders of our world through the lens of chemistry by exploring various scientific phenomena and identifying why they happen.

Social Justice - Hello! My name is Ms. Ocampo and this is my 6th year teaching at MBA. In this class we will explore how social justice has been affected locally and around the world. We begin the course by discussing basic human rights and analyzing the Universal Declaration of Human Rights drafted by the United Nations in 1948. Students will consider current human rights violations around the world, critique the UDHR and create their own version of it.

Career and Financial Management - Hello Welcome Back to MBA!!!. My name is Mr. Small and I am the Work Base Learning Coordinator and Business Teacher at MBA. I have over 20 years of teaching experience and running a Business. We will focus on various topics related to Financial Literacy learning about Investments ranging from stocks, bonds, saving and cryptocurrency. We will discuss the difference between Saving vs Investing and how to build generational wealth. Students will research various careers and create a personal budget.

ELA - Hello! My name is Katie Wu and I am your child's 12th grade English Language Arts teacher! This is my 10th year teaching at Manhattan Business Academy. We will spend this year doing the expected things in this course: plenty of reading, and plenty of writing! However, this year will also focus on the performative side of the written story. We will open the year by crafting, performing, and recording our narrative essays. We will expand the skills we hone here into reading and writing plays. To the extent that is possible and reasonable- our class is focused on writing and storytelling that is authentic to the writer- in this case, your child. In addition, I was also your child's teacher when they were ninth graders, and it gives me great joy to cross this finish with them as seniors. Please have your child sign up for my Remind group. It is not mandatory, but an easy and convenient way to stay in touch.

Government - Greetings! My name is Ms. Kaskel and I teach 12th grade Government and Economics. This is my 8th year teaching at MBA. In 12th grade Government and Economics we study how government and economics influence current events and U.S. domestic and foreign policy issues. I look forward to delving into many very topical issues pertaining to Government and Economics with your child. In Quarter 1 our unit focuses on Citizenship and Immigration. In this unit, students discuss the rights and responsibilities of U.S. citizenship and the factors shaping our country's current debate over immigration. In their final assessment, they make their own immigration policy recommendations and compare them to those proposed by President Biden.

Physics - Greetings, my name is Mr. Banks and I teach Physics. This is my first year at MBA and my 8th year in education. This class will prepare students to apply mathematics to discover how we interact with the physical word around us. Students will be able to discuss how physicists are able to solve mysteries from the smallest level or organization (the atom) to the largest (the universe). Once we cover fundamental physic concepts, we will apply that knowledge to understanding the world of biophysics. This will allow us to apply physics to how the body works.

AP English - Hello! In addition to being your child's English Language Arts teacher, I will also be your child's AP Language and Composition instructor. Writing is thinking on paper, and this course is the exploration of this art form. This class offers students the opportunity to work towards earning college credit, but the skills that make for better readers and writers is transferable to any profession. The AP exam will be offered Tuesday, May 10th, 2022 at 8:00 am in our school. This exam will cover three types of essays: Rhetorical Analysis, Synthesis Essay, and an Argument Essay. In addition, there is a multiple choice section consisting of 45 multiple-choices questions based on five reading passages. Each student is responsible for keeping up with the writing and reading required of this class. It will take time and mental energy, but it will be worth it. We will work together as a unit to strengthen our reading, writing, and discussion skills.

Virtual Enterprise - Hi, my name is Ms. Horowitz. It is my first year at MBA, and I teach Virtual Enterprise. Virtual Enterprise is a simulated business where students become employees in a company they will start and run throughout the year. Students will begin the year by establishing a company name, goals and objectives, and a product line. Students will then apply for a position within the firm through a formal interview and resume review. Students will attend virtual local and international trade shows where they can buy and sell products with other firms and will receive mentorship from business professionals along the way. The main goal of this course is to help students better understand how their learning has application and relevance to the workplace and the global economy.

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