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10th Grade Curriculum

Global History - Mr. Philip Wayne - Email

This course surveys World History from the end of the Renaissance to modern days. We are looking at events through the lens of power: What is the best form of government? Who benefits from advances in science and technology? How have people been oppressed through History? How have some become upstanders? Can our world be fair?

Global Literature - Ms. Emina Basic - Email

In Global Literature, the focus is on developing and using reading, writing, and discussion skills. The goal is to provide students with skills that will help students in school and the world beyond school, in addition to supplementing their learning in global history.


Geometry - Ms. Tori Sawney - Email

This year we will be spending time exploring different shapes and their properties. Students will be using different tools such as protractors, rulers, and compasses to learn the properties of shapes. We will then use these properties to prove congruent figures and similar figures. Students will learn how to create their own logos, city maps and tessellations!

Living Environment - Ms. Christia Guevara - Email

Living Environment is a course where we learn about all of the incredible and weird things that make living beings work. We will look closely at the human body systems and the diseases that damage them, the smallest living things, how much of someone's personality is determined by their DNA and the many ways humans affect their environment. We will learn to think critically about ethics, how the world can be better through knowing science, and, finally, dissect a frog. This is going to be a great year!


Physical Education:

Mr. Jeff Clooney - Email

Mr. Frank Murray - Email

Our Physical Education curriculum consists of many team sports including volleyball, soccer, and badminton. Additionally students learn how to improve their overall health by completing personalized fitness plans.  

Computer Applications - Mr. Akantunde Henderson-Amare - Email

This course teaches students the Microsoft Office suite with an emphasis on Excel, PowerPoint, and Word. Students learn to use Excel, PowerPoint, and Word with an emphasis on their application in various business careers. Tasks included creating brochures, managing budgets, and creating marketing presentations. Students also have the opportunity to earn Microsoft Office Specialist Certification by taking exams in each of the Office Applications. 

Spanish - Ms. Johana Paternostro - Email

Learning Spanish will enable you to keep pace with Hispanic influence on culture which is strong and getting stronger. For example, do you remember that Taco Bell commercial with the little dog? Did you know that his motto, "Yo quiero Taco Bell" is actually a play on words? In Spanish, "yo quiero" means both "I want" and "I love." So, that cute little dog was actually pulling your leg as he said both: "I want Taco Bell" and "I love Taco Bell."
Bienvenidos / Welcome to the Spanish world

Special Education Teachers:

Ms. Michelle Padover (Science) - Email

Ms. Emily Stasko (Math) - Email

Mr. Jonathan Yuen (ELA) - Email

Speech Therapist - Ms. Carly Grisar - Email

10th Grade Advisory

Quarter 1: Healthy Inside and Out

Essential Question: What choices do I make to become healthy inside and out?

Quarter 2: Human Services and Giving Back 

Essential Question: How and why should I participate in volunteer work? What is my role in my community? How will volunteering strengthen my college application?

Quarter 3: My First Job 

Essential Question: How do I make myself stand out from the competition? How can I prepare myself to be a well-prepared and confident candidate? How do I land the job of my dreams?

Quarter 4: Multiple Perspectives on World Conflicts

Essential Question: coming soon! 

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