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11th Grade Curriculum

Algebra 2/Trigonometry - Ms. Leslyn Morris - Email

Algebra 2/ Trig is a course that reviews and deepens students basic understanding of Algebra 1 concepts while incorporating advanced topics of Algebra 2/ Trig. Topics included are relations, functions, quadratic equations, exponents, radicals, trigonometric functions, exponential logs, etc. Students will learn how to apply their own mathematical skills to model mathematical situations and apply what they have learn to real world problems and applications. This course pushes students to think critically, justify their answers, and ultimately be ready for college level mathematics.

American Literature - Mr. Michael Waelter - Email

In Eleventh Grade American Literature students will read American novels, short stories, and poetry and consider what it means to be "American" in each text. Students will learn how to apply critical literary lenses (historical, feminist, Marxist, psychological) to literature in order to see each text from multiple perspectives and to enrich and expand their readings of a text through dialogue and informal and formal writing. Students will also prepare for the English regents test in January.

Chemistry - Mr. Justin Arvelo - Email

Chemistry has a reputation for being a complicated and boring science, but for the most part, that reputation is undeserved. Fireworks and explosions are based on chemistry, so it's definitely not a boring science. When student takes classes in chemistry, he/she'll apply math and logic, and understand the basics of how things work... and that's the study of chemistry. In a nutshell, the importance of chemistry is that it explains the world around you. Chemistry is basic to cooking, cleaning, understanding the human body, etc. We're all chemists. We use chemicals every day and perform chemical reactions without thinking much about them. Besides learning how the physical world works students will gain transferable skills including analysis and problem-solving, time management and organization, written and oral communication, monitoring/maintaining records and data, teamwork, technology, perseverance and cleverness. Together with the other subjects in eleventh grade student will grow from high school student into college ready applicants.

U.S. History - Mr. Richard Hull - Email

In this course, students jump into US history beginning with colonial and ending present day. They examine issues of natural rights, power, and how historical events can influence our lives then and today. This will help explain who we are and why we are the way we are.

Physical Education:

Mr. Jeff Clooney - Email

Mr. Frank Murray - Email

Our Physical Education curriculum consists of many team sports including volleyball, soccer, and badminton. Additionally students learn how to improve their overall health by completing personalized fitness plans.


Special Education Teachers:

Ms. Michelle Padover (Science) - Email
Ms. Nina Gettes (English and History) - Email


Speech Therapist - Ms. Carly Grisar - Email

11th Grade Advisory

Quarter 1: Conflict Resolution 2- Actively Creating a Positive Environment in Society

Essential Question: How can we actively create a more positive society through conflict mediation?

Quarter 2: Social and Emotional Health

Essential Question: How can I reach good emotional health?

Quarter 3: Where Will I Apply to College?

Essential Question: What criteria should I use to determine the best college for me?

Quarter 4: Writing the College Essay

Essential Question: What message do I need to give the world? (Of those messages, which highlight who I am to a college admissions team? What lessons and insights have my struggles taught me?) What is my writing voice? (How do I express that writing voice so it enhances my message?)

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